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Dr. Daniel Covarrubias


I am Daniel Covarrubias, Ph.D., an Innovation Strategist, Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation Specialist, Logistechs, Smart Borders, and International Trade expert who empowers companies to understand and implement exponential technologies.

As the Director of the Texas Center for Border Economic and Enterprise Development at the Texas A&M International University A.R. Sanchez Jr. School of Business, I am engaged in enhancing cross-border trade, transportation, and socio-economic development through innovative research and collaboration. With my strong background in business innovation and passion for unlocking the potential of emerging technologies, I strive to help businesses and organizations understand the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly connected world. Explore my site to learn more about my work and how I can inspire your next endeavor.

A Global Perspective.

Explore my diverse educational and professional journey and learn how my global experiences have shaped my unique approach to international trade and innovation.


Revolutionizing Cross-Border Trade with Logistechs.

Learn about improving cross-border trade efficiency using Logistechs and how these innovative solutions will transform how goods and services flow across international boundaries.


How Exponential Technologies Are Shaping Our World.

Gain unique insight into the profound impact of exponential technologies and digital transformation on our personal and professional lives and learn how embracing these innovations can lead to a more connected, efficient, and vibrant future.


Speaking & Conferences

As an academic researcher and practitioner in Logistechs, Exponential Technologies, Industry 4.0, and Business Innovation, it is my privilege to share my insights and experiences at conferences, workshops, and corporate events worldwide.

Presentation Materials

In this section, you will find the presentations that I have given at various conferences and events. You’ll find everything from keynotes to panel discussions and academic presentations. I focus on making complex topics like cross-border trade, digital transformation, innovation, and the exciting field of Logistechs easy to understand.

Featured in:

Apr 22 2024

From Polls to Ports: How Mexico’s Election Could Transform Trade

By Daniel Covarrubias, Ph.D. As Mexico prepares for its presidential election in June of this...
Mar 18 2024

Crossing Borders, Connecting Economies: Port Laredo’s Rise as America’s Top Trade Gateway

By Daniel Covarrubias, Ph.D. Port Laredo, strategically nestled at the heart of the U.S.-México...
Feb 19 2024

From Neighbors to Partners: The Evolution of U.S.-Mexico Trade 

By Daniel Covarrubias, Ph.D. In a constant recalibration of global trade dynamics, 2023 emerged as...
Jan 29 2024

Introducing “Crossing Paths: Insights into U.S. International Trade”

By Daniel Covarrubias, Ph.D.In the dynamic world of international trade, data isn't just numbers;...
Jan 02 2024

Beyond 2023: Innovation and Digital Transformation As Pillars for Growth in 2024

By Daniel Covarrubias, Ph.D. Innovation and digital transformation are central to progress in our...
Oct 02 2023

Bridging the Digital Divide: Equipping Business School Students for the Future of Work

By Daniel Covarrubias, Ph.D. As we reach the midterm point of the semester, the experience of...
Aug 11 2023

Modernizing Cross-Border Trade Infrastructure: A North American Imperative for Growth and Security

By Daniel Covarrubias, Ph.D. In today's interconnected world, international trade is the bedrock...
Jul 27 2023

The Future of Cross-Border Trade: Building an A.I.-Centric Workforce

By Daniel Covarrubias, Ph.D. Cross-border trade and logistics operations are filled with...
Jun 19 2023

Reimagining Cross-Border Trade through Blockchain

By Daniel Covarrubias, Ph.D. International trade, a complex system of transactions, relationships,...
May 15 2023

AI-Powered Efficiency: How ChatGPT will Transform the Work of Import/Export Tariff Classification Analysts in the Texas-Mexico Border

By Daniel Covarrubias, Ph.D. The Texas-Mexico border region is a bustling economic hub where the...